Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Running on Water

Let me start by saying: I'm Jesus. He was a Jew, too, so its quite fitting that I am just realizing that I must be him. I ran on water, after-all.

OK, maybe I'm not really Jesus, but I did run on water, kinda. I was on a cruise for 8 days and knew that I couldn't let my relaxing vacation relax my training. I got up early almost every day and hit the gym, whether it was a spin class (which by the way, I absolutely loved!) or a 3-6 mile run on the treadmill. I couldn't believe who I had become, a dedicated, marathon training individual. I quickly learned that running on a treadmill on the bow of a boat is much harder than it looks. My rhythm was totally thrown off, which made each run difficult, but I still managed. When I ended my vacation, I was pretty happy with myself that I didn't let a change in my regular schedule or a trip to the Caribbean disrupt my marathon training.

Today's take-away: COMMIT! Once you commit, follow through, no matter what it takes.

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