Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One Year Later

On the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon attacks, I can’t help but reflect on the last year and what it has meant to me.

I was unsure how I would feel today. I thought I would be OK, it’s been a year, after all. However, when I turned on the news this morning, as I do every morning, I was confronted with images I have tried so hard to block out. A dark cloud slowly moved over me and I found myself glued to the TV in tears. Today is tough, really tough. It’s the day one year ago that changed me and thousands of others forever. It took our innocence and tainted a day of celebration.  I have been brought back to April 15, 2013 and vividly remember the sound, the chaos, the fear and the complete unknown. Although the emotional wounds hurt, I took the days leading up to today to reflect on how the events of last year have changed me.

The sick and twisted people, no, not people, monsters, who committed this horrific act wanted to instill fear, hate and distrust on the people of Boston. They failed. Yes, we mourn the lives lost and those who are forever changed, but so much good has come from last April. The greatest city in the world came together stronger and more determined than ever. For me, I turned to running as a way to cope. Had the bombings not occurred, I would have never signed up to run the Boston Marathon, I would have never learned just how far I could push myself, I would have never raised close to $6,000 for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and I would have never met the most amazing people who I run with today. Today I am trying to focus on the positive. The fact that these monsters tried to break us, but they did not succeed. In fact, they made us stronger.

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